Another perspective on SEO from Ben Lee, Founder of Rootstrap, I could not agree more

“Google doesn’t care about your optimized blog post.

And Amazon isn’t fooled by your search ranking hacks. If you’re thinking about paying someone to teach you SEO– Don’t. Save your money. It’s ancient history. You’ll be a 21st-century dinosaur. What, then?


The kind of stuff people actually love reading: — Because it offers real, actionable value — Because they’ll tell all their friends about it — Because it’s just too damn interesting to click away from And social media. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest. Putting yourself and your work out there in a genuine, human way.

And finally, good ‘ole fashioned paid advertising is done right– Ads with punchy copy selling real products that solve real problems. Where to start? Learn from people who are doing it successfully.

Keep coming up with new and creative ideas.

Refine and clarify your message– Until you build a real following. The catch? A classroom won’t teach you how to do it. And there are no shortcuts. You’ll have to put in the hours.”

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