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Is your website reaching as many users as possible?

Imagine that you learned there was a new web browser and 14% of users were using it. Downloading it, you give it a try and find that your website is complicated to use in this browser, some sections are broken and content that you can’t even read.

This is a big issue! That’s a significant number of users that can’t buy from your shop, use your product or learn more about your company.

You’d call up the developers of your site straight away and put a plan together to fix up the site to support this new browser. Crisis averted.


Don’t worry; there’s no crazy new browser that most sites have issues with. The 14% of users I’m referring to are people with disabilities. Research commissioned by Microsoft showed that 9% of working-age computer users in the US have a severe visual difficulty or impairment. Also, 5% have a severe dexterity difficulty or disability.

Because we don’t experience websites in the same way as a blind user navigating with a screen reader, the issues with our sites can be easy to overlook. The same applies to mobile websites and apps – iPhones have a built-in screen reader called VoiceOver that reads content to you and allows you to control the phone using gestures.

One thing that is simple to test try using your website with only the keyboard. Some users have visual or dexterity issues that mean this is the only way they can get around on the web. Hopefully, your site isn’t going to cause them a problem. If it does, it is worth having the issues resolved. After all, you don’t want to be missing out on 14% extra usage.

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